"How did you like your breakfast, my liege?" "Oh, it had a wonderful dinner-like quality. I'm glad to have such a dedicated cook as you are." "I am ever happy to serve you my best, my King."

Come and visit us in Paris sometime soon.

I was looking for my diary.

Nils walked in.

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A person who is born in Spain is a Spaniard.

I can't lose weight.

Juliet should've stayed in Boston.

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Stay put until you hear from me.

Pierre said that he couldn't wait anymore.

Many people only speaks one language.

She is shy, which is why she chose not to say "I love you".

They say housework won't kill you, but why take the risk?

'Tis very warm weather when one's in bed.

I couldn't protect Pedro.

Let's see how you like it.

This is cool.

Get on the horse immediately!

I'm not sure what to believe.

There are almost no books that have no misprints.

Is there also a paperback edition of this book?

She is not only honest, but also wise.

He was a god to his people.

According to me we can do that.

Everything was gone.


I have a kid.

Lenora befriended a girl named Vernon.

Make sure you'll come.

Everywhere you go will find the same scenery.

Irfan hinted very strongly that he wanted to go home.

The tailor makes the man.

He washed the blood off his hands.


We were almost done.

He chafed under the groundless criticism.

Barrett knows more about me than anyone else.

And then?

Have you ever sneezed in a meeting?


Do you belong to any clubs?

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The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.

Visitors to the zoo are not allowed to feed the animals.

Morton stood behind Brender.

I went to see his sister last week.

It's good to stay home.

He was incensed by their lack of incentives.

Celia is wearing makeup.

It's not too far from here.

Water is the essence of life.

As I lost so much, I finally started to find myself.

These bottles are reusable.

The party decorations were colorful.

Learn Toki Pona!

What could they possibly want from us?

Gosh, what a dirty customer!


We had a visitor when you were taking a shower.


They agree with him.

Morris hired Johnathan as an interpreter.

I love being with him.

A tsunami is coming, so please be on the alert.

I don't have a brother.

I'd like to hire you to paint a portrait of me.

Irfan will assist you in your search for Joe.

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The young girl burst into tears.

Who told him?

How are things going with Ramon?


Karl works out regularly.

You are not going to die here.

We never talk.

I really should buy a new car.

Betty couldn't possibly have hit Barrio.


That changed everything.

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"No," the shopkeeper replied. "I'm quite serious. You saw the price tag."

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He got bogged down at work.


Mitchell finished college last year.

I thought you studied French.

Marc says that he only eats organic food.

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My father takes a bath before supper.

Mysore didn't really do a very good job.

What would've happened to me if I'd done that?

What's wrong with my jokes?

He left for America by air.


Just don't give up on him.


Ravindran declined to offer specifics.

He's a goal keeper.

My father has been in the hospital for two months.

It could fall into the wrong hands.

He may be clever, but he is not very helpful.


Children are to be deceived with comfits and men with oaths.

The bartender set a drink in front of Earnie.

I need to think about that.

Joanne won't stop fighting.

My family thinks I've lost my mind.

She fidgeted, looking noticeably contrite.

I went fishing.


Will tomorrow's breakfast be bread, or rice?

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My daughter has an imaginary friend.


Some people are never satisfied with what they have.

I may write a letter for you.

Yes, I think you ought to go.

Let's go outside and play in the snow!

Get out here, fast! The guards are coming.

Lucy was bantered by her grandparents.

Curtis, how are things?


I haven't washed my hair.


Edgar watched very closely, but couldn't figure out the magician's trick.

He works long hours.

No one could see us.

What a beautiful ring!

I called her a fat pig.

It's almost clear that in Madrid there's a time zone!

She turned her head away, lest he should see her tears.

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The average temperature in Oxford last month was 18C.


A promise is not enough.


You promised me that you would help.

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Shanghai has everything under the sun when it comes to food.

What would your father think?

Norman never drinks alcohol.


Jon won't want to leave town until his mother is feeling better.

He made me so angry that I got a headache.

Can we stop at my place?

Are you gonna pay for it?

Paul can't picture himself as a teacher.


Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world.

Do both Metin and Orville understand French?

It's OK to be disappointed.

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It brings a beacon of hope.

Don't bring your dog with you.

I wish there were more African languages in Tatoeba.

What do you think they should do?

Did Dan have dinner?

Face it, Sharan, Tollefsen was right.

Graham asked me out to dinner.

Todd the squirrel, playing two stereos at once, claims to listen only to "double music."

Mike always stays cool.

You should restore the money he lost to him.

No-one is more capable of translating your sentences than yourself, surely.

Sean isn't alone anymore.

This factory uses an integrated manufacturing system standardized from parts on through to finished products.

That's all I know right now.

Without hearth or home.

I wish I could figure out how to disable comments on my blog.

He shut up the money in the safe.

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Let's say that you're right.

This clothing is dirty and needs to be washed.

Some people do not like to wake up early in the morning.


Thank you for dinner.

You must help me save him.

Was that all you wanted to ask me?


Allan is on the third floor.

How are the others?

Many people prefer to cook with butter instead of oil.

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What's the game of the emir of Qatar?

Harry concealed his anger from Stevan.

Lorraine is dusting.


I don't want to be your enemy.

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We have a lot of snow here in the winter.

Let's hope that Ravi doesn't try to do that.

I cannot kill a mouse, let alone a little bird.


Is anyone here a doctor?


March 15 will be my last day of school.

I'm going to take care of it for you.

Space pointed up at the ceiling.


What did you watch?